The Team

There are a multitude of “Coaches” as the industry has grown beyond measure but unfortunately the depth and level of knowledge and understanding around human performance is not in parallel.

My services offer you the ability to powerfully transform your life both internally and externally.

Why work with me?

My knowledge, experience, and insights are based on years of high end research, study, personal experience, and rigorous accreditation procedures through BASES and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Clients should feel reassured that their coach knows their boundaries, has a top class referral network, and can really get life-changing results. I also hold full professional liability and indemnity insurance with Balens Ltd.

Human behaviour and the reasons behind why we do what we do is hugely complex. Intensive study to doctorate level within Applied Performance Psychology and additional qualifications in Personal Transformational Coaching at one of the worlds top coaching schools, Animas Centre for Coaching infuses a natural ability to use eclectic approaches that are bound around solid theoretical models to facilitate deep, powerful transformational change.

Intwined with personal experience around high performance sport and global business the coaching experience and space that we create will be mind-blowing…

My Associate

Ivana Sretenovic

Transformational Business Consultant and Coach

Ivana is a high level achiever having worked within the corporate industry and management consultancy for over 18 years after achieving her MBA from the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy. Ivana was selected as part of the talent programme before reaching the position of Executive Director.

She now consults and coaches a large and growing profile of global corporate clients in a range of industries.

Ivana integrates her unique and personal experience on the softer skills required to have a balanced body and mind to accelerate success at a more holistic level. Ivana can be contacted via the company email for 1:1 Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and Mindfulness/Meditative coaching practices.

Consultancy services inclusive of strategic transformation, commercial excellence, and programme and project management are also offered by iGLOW Performance. Ivana would be happy to meet with the key decision makers at your organisation and address, align, and deliver your business needs to the highest and most professional standards.

My Approach

My approach is eclectic, meaning I have knowledge and experience in a variety of philosophies, models, and techniques to either get you from where you are now to where you want to be, most commonly known as performance coaching.

Or you may choose to have difficult and challenging conversations to help you overcome problematic defences against life’s unavoidable givens so that you approach them with courage rather than with avoidance. I want you to live your life to your fullest potential rather than exist.

Much of my work focuses on helping you to clarify, and make sense of not just who you are, but who you really are, whilst acting as your mirror to reflect back, challenge, and confront you around things you bring into the coaching space.

Our work together will align with you making more effective choices and taking personal responsibility over your future.

I also love to bring to mind just how well you are doing already through creating magnificent lightbulb moments. This shining light allows you to recognise and appreciate just how well you are actually doing on this journey called life.

1:1 Coaching addresses communication concerns so that you can be more effective in your communication with others by establishing relational depth. Together we will address the interpersonal spirals that have been created in ones life by looking head on with courage at how you may have misperceived the experiences of others and how you may have misperceived others perceptions of you.

It will be a journey of exploration as we uncover and develop your “other awareness”. How you relate with others is an unavoidable part of your human existence and influences how you live your life.

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