Ian Guyah-Low
Founder and Managing Director


Welcome to iGLOW Performance, a human performance coaching business that aims to utilise our most valuable resource that is ourselves.

We have found that it is often an untapped resource but if developed in the right way it can provide powerful performance either through knowing ourselves better or stretching us beyond what we ever perceived to be possible in a personal and professional sense. I look forward to the start of our long lasting relationship.

About me

I am a Human Performance Coach, that recently supported the England team in delivering the 'Gold Medal Mindset’ to achieve their goal of being crowned European Champions 2019 for the first time in their history.

I support decision makers in sport and business to think clearly under pressure through changing their mindset and working deeply on themselves to make them better and more memorable as people.

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My Personal

My client portfolio has been extensive and wide ranging in both high performance sport at the professional and International level and global business.

I have worked with senior management teams, civil service personnel, financial advisors and credit controllers from some of the worlds renown banking firms.

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Executive Coaching / Life Coaching / Leadership and Development Training / Performance Psychology


1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a unique opportunity in ones life to feel truly listened to without judgement around your own thinking and view of the world.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching skyrockets not only the potential of the team whether that be a management or leadership team, newly formed or merged teams or those at board level but also the organisation as a whole.

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Leadership and Development Training

We believe that a motivated, engaged, and empowered workforce brings out the best in individual, team, and overall organisational performance.

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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is an excellent means of gaining confidential anonymous feedback from those that you work with day to day.

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1:1 Performance Psychology

People often find themselves as super driven where only the highest standards are acceptable as the innate drive for continual perfectionism kicks in.

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Group Coaching

A transformative process where powerful exploratory spaces are created by myself, inviting each person that is present within the group to bring and share their own knowledge, questions, concerns, and strengths.

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    Animas Certified Coach