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My services offer you the ability to powerfully transform your life for the better both internally and externally.

Intwined with personal experience around high performance sport and global business the coaching experience and space that we create will be mind-blowing…

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a unique opportunity in ones life to feel truly listened to without judgement around your own thinking and view of the world.

Not only are you listened to intently but you are challenged around not just your areas for improvement but also your strengths. You are all doing things well, even to an exceptional standard and sometimes focusing on our strengths allows us to shift faster towards the outcome we desire.

Coaching is a place to open up new and exciting perspectives, reveal your blindspots, or get taken to places you have subconsciously closed the door. I want you to live life courageously and confront life head on, the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly.

It is through these challenging conversations that you build resilience, are able to live and flow with the existential angst that is triggered when confronted with choices and decisions in the face of uncertainty, and develop your potential by having the self-knowledge to self-manage yourself in various situations in life, business, sport, and relationships.

1:1 Coaching Programmes


This is a 12 month journey of pure enlightenment and awakening both personally and professionally. Involves challenging coaching conversations.

For those with a deep desire to uncover the truth around who they really are and what they want as we inject meaning and purpose in their lives.

Includes a discovery session in person or via Zoom up to 120 minutes. This session powerfully collates all of your personal, professional, health, wealth and fitness goals to gain in-depth insights and create a strategic plan.

Sessions are delivered Face-to-Face or via Zoom inclusive of 3 half day intensive sessions at my home in a tranquil setting.

Programme includes 3 sessions per month (2 X 90 minute Coaching Sessions and 1 X 30 - 45 minute accountability session) for 12 months.

24/7 “Blue Light” emergency support by phone, text, and/or email. These calls/texts/emails are used to help regain focus, motivation, support relative to immediate challenges, and brainstorm ideas.

Tape recordings and/or video recordings of sessions are provided to facilitate self-awareness.

Detailed written monthly overview of sessions and progress made.

An additional written summary will be provided within 48 hours of each session. You can print this out and keep as part of your journaled coaching journey to plot progress and to keep a valuable record of your change and evolution.

Psychometrics are used to powerfully shift through the gears and achieve your desired change dependent upon area(s) of focus.

High quality reading and other materials are provided that may facilitate a greater level of depth and knowledge to support the sessions and subsequent conversations.

Choice of one additional service modality is offered as a one off session worth an additional £300 - £500 for FREE.


The 6 month programme is for those people looking for an accelerated transformational journey.

Includes a discovery session up to 90 minutes. This session powerfully collates all of your personal, professional, health, wealth and fitness goals to gain in-depth insights and create a strategic plan.

Sessions are delivered Face-to-Face OR via Zoom.

Programme includes two bi-weekly sessions per month (2 X 60 minute Coaching Sessions) for 6 months.

5 “Blue Light” emergency support calls. These are 15 minute calls that can be used between 9am - 3pm Monday to Friday to discuss any immediate challenges or to brainstorm ideas.

The programme is inclusive of a written summary of each session sent via email within 72 hours.


The 3 month journey is for those individuals who have a specific focus and idea around ONE/TWO major challenges that they are facing and can bring into the coaching space.

The space is created to allow you to explore these areas of your life where you want to make transformational change.

The programme is very much goal and results orientated where we take your long-term vision and break it into manageable chunks so that progression over the next 3 months is clearly made towards achieving the outcome that you desire.

Includes a 45 minute discovery call. The session collates all of your personal, professional, health, wealth and fitness goals to gain in-depth insights and create a strategic plan.

Sessions are delivered via SKYPE/ZOOM OR PHONE rather than Face-to-Face unless in exceptional circumstances.

Programme includes two bi-weekly sessions per month (2 X 50/60 minute Coaching Sessions) for 3 months.

The programme is inclusive of a one page overview at the end of your coaching journey journaling the progression that has been made.

Solution Focused

The 3 session journey is for those individuals who feel that they just require some quick fire accountability and added support to get them over the line to where they want to be in life and/or business.

The Coachee brings ONE challenge to the session so that we can address the issue, open up new perspectives and cause powerful shifts in mindset.

Sessions are delivered via SKYPE/ZOOM OR PHONE.

Programme includes 3 X 50 minute sessions.

All sessions must be completed within a 6 month period.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching skyrockets not only the potential of the team whether that be a management or leadership team, newly formed or merged teams or those at board level but also the organisation as a whole.

We deliver an in-depth coaching programme with the team whilst conducting 1-1 coaching with specific team members. Everyone develops together and sets, aligns, and works towards the organisational vision for the future. Members of an organisation are always asked “what is our purpose” and I often get blank stares or widely different responses!

Once our exciting and challenging vision has been set we define what our success is dependant upon, before setting challenging and stretching goals, and ensuring that we fully recognise the needs of the organisation. Solid foundations allow the team to identify new and creative ways of overcoming potential challenges so we can push resiliently towards achieving the organisations success.

The systematic aim of our team coaching programme is for the team to be in a position to achieve more than the sum of its parts through improving team dynamics, cohesion, and collective leadership practices.

Leadership and Development Training

Our programmes are based around our core beliefs, personal experiences in high performance business and sport, wider research, and reading.

We believe that a motivated, engaged, and empowered workforce brings out the best in individual, team, and overall organisational performance.

What makes our programme standout is that we are “big on delivering excellence but small enough to care” as we pride ourselves on building rapport, trust, and giving a personal touch to what we provide.

Our approach is a blend of latest scientific research, psychological theory, and practical ideas/activities to really bring our discussions to life. We pride ourselves on making everything we deliver transferrable to the working environment with regular weekly/bi-weekly/monthly follow up calls to ensure that implementation is taking place.

Our programme epitomises what we look to deliver in creating a high performance culture for organisations and teams through “Growing” towards your vision, “Learning” from the models, theories and experiential experiences that we unearth, “Optimising” what you have learnt by putting everything into practice, “Win” by creating the winning mindset to meet your challenges head on as you strive towards your own version of success.

360 Degree Feedback

Raising awareness is key to all that we do here at IGLOW Performance. Without knowing yourself inside and out it prevents you from pressing on the throttle and accelerating to where you, your team, and the organisation wants to be.

360 Degree Feedback is an excellent means of gaining confidential anonymous feedback from those that you work with day to day. It is not an assessment tool but an excellent insight into helping you develop and ignite your potential by listening to what others have to say about you and your performance.

We all can become complacent from time to time and 360 Degree Feedback acknowledges your blindspots, creates development opportunities, allows challenging goals to be set and evaluated, and motivates you to be even better within your role and the relationships that you form.

1:1 Performance Coaching

People often find themselves as super driven where only the highest standards are acceptable as the innate drive for continual perfectionism kicks in.

Yet we can find ourselves in positions where we are constantly making mistakes, unable to overcome challenges that are preventing us from achieving our goals, or letting our negative thinking patterns influence our behaviour for the worse.

My philosophy incorporates an integrated approach that positions you, the client, at the centre of the developmental process with our aim being to enable you to have the most beneficial relationship with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to positively impact your well-being, behaviour, and athletic performance.

I look to gain a strong understanding of the beliefs that you hold relating to optimal performance and specifically what it takes to achieve your long-term goals. These beliefs are key to understanding the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you attend to at critical moments during performance at training and competition.

Our aim is not to change your beliefs but to continually assess whether they are helpful or not. If not then we explore how and why these beliefs are maintained and start to provide alternative evidence that reduces their strength. We are then in a position to skyrocket your potential and open up a future of possibility.

My approach is focused on finding long-term solutions, as opposed to dealing solely with the clients “symptoms”.

The structure of the 1:1 Performance Psychology sessions are as follows:
- 6 X 50/90 minute face-to-face or Skype/Zoom performance based sessions.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a transformative process where powerful exploratory spaces are created by myself, inviting each person that is present within the group to bring and share their own knowledge, questions, concerns, and strengths.

What is magical about the space that is created is that all the combined wisdom, ideas, passion, and knowledge ignites powerful shifts in mindset for all that are present.

Where 1:1 coaching is about asking powerful questions and challenging the individual, group coaching is about creating, maintaining, and nurturing the space that allows the group to function as a self-coaching entity.

Powerful change occurs through group coaching by facilitating the space for discovery within and between the group. One of the primary benefits with group coaching is that you can literally change the lives of hundreds of people at any one time through creating a shared space of discovery that strips away the suspicions, agendas, and interests that many of us have when working in organisations.

Group coaching has the ability to forge an even stronger identity as people in the group or organisation begin to share, bond, and even challenge one another around the aims that they are trying to achieve. This then creates powerful and positive consequences for creating change, buy-in, and integrated working practices.

what is possible

In my own relentless pursuit for high performance I came to realise that life is constantly throwing up gigantic challenges every second, minute, hour, week, and month.

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